Lanzado en el 2008.



  1. Daydreamer
  2. Best for Last
  3. Chasing Pavements
  4. Cold Shoulders
  5. Crazy for you
  6. Melt my heart to stone
  7. First Love
  8. Right as Rain
  9. Make you feel my love
  10. My same
  11. Tired
  12. Hometown Glory


Lanzado en el 2010.


  1. Rolling in the deep
  2. Rumour has it
  3. Turning Tables
  4. Don´t you remember
  5. Set fire to the rain
  6. He won´t go
  7. Take it all
  8. I´ll be waiting
  9. One and only
  10. Lovesong
  11. Someone like you


Live at The Royal Albert Hall



  1. Hometown glory
  2. I´ll be waiting
  3. Don´t you remember
  4. Turning Tables
  5. Setfire to the rain
  6. If it hadn´t been for love
  7. My same
  8. Take it all
  9. Rumour has it
  10. Right as rain
  11. One and only
  12. Lovesong
  13. Chasing pavements
  14. I can´t make you love me
  15. Make you feel my love
  16. Someone like you
  17. Rolling in the deep




3 comentarios (+¿añadir los tuyos?)

  1. Ashley
    Mar 31, 2012 @ 00:22:19

    Love This Webpage has everything i need To Know Of Adele Well I love her, on My CONVERSATION class i choose to be her so i have to dress To Sing and talk and Know everything of her well in a sumary i have to be her, I sing,But not Like her Hope someday i Sing Like her Well Hope she ‘s OK (Y)

    Thank you!


  2. lina marcela
    Sep 29, 2012 @ 23:29:12

    I love this wed page



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